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Patrick Adams

Master 3000 GT Oceans

Sail and Power

Since a 5 year circumnavigation of the world by the age 12, Patrick Adams has made a career of sailing the world's oceans. Logging more than 250,000 sea miles on everything from gaff rigged schooners to super yachts, Patrick has captained vessels on countless Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Ocean voyages.

In the marine world, experience is king. 30 years experience takes 30 years and there are no short cuts. Patrick has had his share of hurricanes, tsunamis, pirates, and the sometimes devastating effects an ocean of water can have on a person's psych. His ability to remain calm and focused in difficult situations has contributed to his success in never having a major accident, failure, or insurance claim on any vessel of which he has been in command.

Since captaining yachts when the sextant and chronometer were the only navigational instruments available, Patrick has continued to accumulate knowledge in all aspects of the marine industry. He excels in design, engineering, construction and management of yachts. He is proficient in power systems, marine electrical systems, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, marine plumbing, rigs, and rigging.

Patrick lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Elizabeth Read and their two sons Jackson and Sturdy.