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Proper management of a new build requires a very special skill set. This person is the owner's representative on the build, and is actually the only person on a multi-million dollar project who puts the owner's interest foremost. The project manager's job is to make sure that the owner gets the best possible boat for his money. A good project manager is part designer, part engineer, part builder, and part negotiator with a massive amount of sea experience and common sense. He will more than save his fee in cost to value analysis, price negotiations, quickly resolved design and build issues, and ensured clear communication between owner, builder, and naval architect.

Building a yacht is far more complex than building a custom home. It is a project on an international scale, with equipment and parts coming from all over the world. Space is very limited and the proper use of it is critical. The completed vessel and its equipment must be able to withstand the pounding and thrashing of a violent ocean while caring for the safety of her guests and crew. The type of tender, capacity of fuel, size of generators, type of waste system, layout of galley and a thousand other issues will greatly benefit from a project manger overseeing the big picture while paying attention to the details. He is usually by far the most experienced seaman on the project and it is this experience that helps make a superior end product.

Patrick Adams of Seaportal Ltd. takes this much further. He is involved from concept to completion and in many cases stays with the boat for years as manager and advisor.