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Seaportal approaches yacht management in the same hands-on manner we approach new construction. We believe that superior service can only be provided by a thorough understanding of your yacht, how you use it, and the crew that run it. To this end, we spend time on the boat, get to know the crew, and learn your style of boating.

Our management concept is based on the understanding that the yacht belongs to the owner -- not the crew, not the builder, not the charter company. Simply put, we do what is necessary to ensure that the owner enjoys his yachting experience while maintaining his investment to the highest standards.

The core team at Seaportal consists of professional captains with hundreds of thousands of sea miles experience. We have run yachts all over the world and know what it takes to manage a yacht efficiently. We provide a buffer between owner and captain so that any issues are dealt with quickly.

  • Vessel flagging and compliance with flag state regulations
  • Insurance analysis, review, and procurement for yacht and crew
  • Yacht accounting and budgeting
  • Crew placement
  • Emergency captain placement
  • Yacht manuals and system operation manuals
  • Shipyard management for repairs
  • Logistics and support for yacht